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MoldEdge, Maryland Mold Remediation Contractors, Have Rockville MD and Bowie MD Branch Offices Now


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2013 -- Moldedge is a certified mold remediation specialist that is now serving customers across Bowie MD, Rockville MD, and nearby areas. The company's certified indoor specialists and professionals are removing molds with strictly following the industries current standard in mold removal. All customers in Bowie MD and Rockville MD can be sure that Moldedge mold remediation techniques and methods are highly efficient and safe to any possible health risk.

For customers in Bowie MD and Rockville MD looking for mold remediation contractor, Moldedge is the company they should contact. The company's professionals understand the science of mold removal because they live on it every day. Choosing Moldedge as their mold remediation contractor can give customers numerous advantages. These advantages are; mold inspection appointments are done quickly, mold professionals are educated and trained in the latest mold procedures, technologies, and standards, and on top of all Moldedge is certified, licensed, and insured company.

Moldedge have several ways in dealing with indoor molds that have been proven to highly effective and efficient. The fact is that the company knows has changed in recent years and so as methods of mold testing and mold removal. The health risks of molds are eliminated through strictly implementing the newest protocols and guidelines that are created by the company¡¯s scientists. These protocols and guidelines are being strictly followed by Moldedge in order to prevent the widespread of molds throughout the house or building.

Moldedge services include mold remediation, mold removal, mold inspections, mold testing, and duct cleaning. These services are being performed by highly trained professionals, and mold experts ensuring that every step in mold removal is being followed. Sealing off the contaminated area is made by the company's mold contactors in order to prevent the spread of contaminants. Quality Polyethylene sheets are used in sealing the area while molds are totally removed. Once molds are thoroughly removed, Moldedge professionals apply high quality anti microbial solutions to keep the growth of molds at bay.

After the complete process of mold removal and placing the furniture's to its original position, they check the area for moisture. They make sure that the entire area is dry before putting back all furniture. Moldedge also offers professional testing services and lab results for indoor allergens and molds. For all customers looking for mold remediation company Moledge can help them deal with mold issues successfully.

About MoldEdge
We are Certified Mold Remediation professionals based in Bowie MD and Rockville MD Serving Maryland, DC and Norther Virginia. For more information log on to everyone can have the opportunity to get new information about the company services not just in Maryland but also in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

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