Joe Bragg Keeps Mold Removal Companies Honest with Independent Mold Inspections


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Mold is a devastating problem for any home or business. Mold can be found in buildings all over the world. And when mold attacks a home, it can be extremely difficult to remove. Since mold is hazardous to human health, it’s important to remove it as quickly as possible.

Home and business owners are beginning the mold removal process by visiting Mold Inspection and Testing – or MI&T for short – offers mold inspection and testing services.

MI&T is a unique company. Unlike most mold-related companies, MI&T only offers mold inspections and not removals. The company does this to remove bias from the mold removal process. If a homeowner or business owner orders a mold inspection from a mold removal company, that company might ‘find’ mold when there really isn’t any mold there. This can force homeowners to pay thousands of dollars more than they need to pay.

Visitors to will discover when mold might strike. For example, homeowners who have recently experienced water damage in their house or smell strange odors may have a mold problem.

A spokesperson for MI&T explained why it’s so important for homeowners and businesses to order mold inspections:

“Mold might seem like a minor inconvenience, but it’s a serious health problem that can lead to illnesses and disease. We inspect homes thoroughly for any signs of mold and then inform the homeowner if they need to order mold removal services. Sometimes, mold removal is needed straight away. In other cases, our company does not find any mold, in which case the homeowner has saved thousands of dollars.”

MI&T inspectors are located throughout the United States. A full list of the cities covered by MI&T can be found at, although most major U.S. cities are covered.

Those seeking more information about mold will find that information at The website includes an article titled, “What Is Mold?” as well as a glossary of common mold-related terms that inspectors or mold removal companies might use. Although most people know what mold is, they might not be aware that there are multiple strains of mold, some of which are more dangerous than others.

Once visitors are ready to order a mold inspection for their home or business, they can do so by filling out a contact form at the website or by calling direct.

About is the online home of MI&T, a nationwide mold inspection company. MI&T helps homeowners and businesses save money by inspecting a home for mold before independently deciding if a home needs a mold removal specialist. For more information, please visit: