Joe Bragg Safeguards Properties with Independent Mold Inspections and Testing


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Mold is a problem for homes throughout Pittsburgh. When a Pittsburgh home or business develops a mold problem, mold removal companies are generally the first place residents turn to for guidance.

But wants to convince Pittsburgh residents that mold removal companies should not be the first place to seek help. Instead, the website suggests residents order independent mold inspections and tests before talking to a mold removal company. is the online home of Mold Inspection & Testing Pittsburgh (MI&T). MI&T offers mold inspections throughout the United States and aims to help Pittsburgh homes and businesses solve whatever mold problems they may be experiencing – even if there isn’t a mold problem at all.

A spokesperson for MI&T explained why independent mold inspection and testing is an important step in the mold removal process:

“When a homeowner suspects that they have a mold problem, we suggest turning to an independent mold testing specialist for guidance. A good Pittsburgh mold inspection service will offer unbiased testing to determine the right course of action for the homeowner. Sometimes, testing will reveal a serious mold problem. In other cases, there isn’t a mold problem at all. Remember – it’s in the mold removal company’s best interests to find a mold problem, and they may exaggerate the seriousness of the mold problem for their own benefit.”

At visitors will learn how to spot the early signs of a mold problem. Homeowners should be aware of any strange smells in their house, for example, as well as visual growth patterns. Recent health problems or water damage could also be an indication of a mold problem:

“Mold has the power to ruin someone’s life. A serious mold problem will not only destroy the value of a home, but it can also lead to serious health complications. Mold is such a serious problem that many people order a ‘peace of mind’ test even if they don’t spot the traditional signs of a mold problem on their home or business. In any case, an independent mold inspection is an easy and affordable way to protect homes, businesses, and families throughout Pittsburgh.”

More information about the mold inspection in Pittsburgh services offered by MI&T can be found at, including pricing information and a contact form.

About is the online home of Mold Inspection & Testing, an independent mold inspection agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company offers unbiased mold inspection and testing throughout the Pittsburgh area and encourages customers to order an independent mold inspection prior to contacting a mold removal specialist. For more information, please visit: