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Molecular Research Labs Releases Its Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2012 -- Molecular Research Labs is announcing the release and success of its USA made Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract, which have both climbed Amazon's chart rapidly.

Gabriel Alexander, media contact, was asked about the Raspberry Ketones Diet. "Red raspberries have gained a lot of attention in recent months especially when it was endorsed as a powerful and safe fat burner by Dr. Oz. The ketones are what gives raspberries it unique aroma and the flavor as it has been added to many foods and drinks such as pudding, ice cream, and soft drinks. However, it has been found to also be an all natural yet very powerful fat burner that is not only safe, but good for the human body and has no side effects."

Dr. Oz told his audience on a recent television show, "I never understood how powerful it (raspberry ketones) could be." You can find several raspberry ketone capsules and tablets on the market today, what makes Molecular Research Labs better? "Purity. When you start with the best ingredients and do not load the product with other ingredients during the manufacturing process, you naturally end up with a better product. Four pounds of fresh red raspberries make up each one of our capsules. Our bottles are sold in quantities of 60, so each bottle contains the equivalent of 240 pounds of red raspberries!", Alexander responded.

The Green Coffee Bean Extract is also getting a lot of attention as it was also featured on the Dr. Oz Show recently. "That's true but green coffee beans and its effectiveness on weight loss has been known for many years. What makes it unique is there is less caffeine in green coffee beans compared to traditional roasted. For instance, you find 20 mg of caffeine per 2 capsules of our product which is much less than the average 100 mg of caffeine in a typical cup of coffee. It means many people who normally cannot drink coffee find the green coffee beans work quite well without the side effects that coffee can have." Alexander added.

What is the future of Molecular Research Labs? Alexander was finally asked. "We will continue to offer our customers the purest and best supplements at the most affordable prices. We do not believe good supplements have to break the bank and that is what we have been proving since we founded the company. We are seeing a huge increase in sales since our products hit Amazon and getting rave reviews from customers who are seeing good results from both the raspberry ketones and the green coffee bean extract."

About Molecular Research Labs
When Molecular Research Labs decided to found the company they did so based on the concept of providing pure, proven, and powerful supplements that are affordable and made in the USA. The company brings the products to consumers at wholesale prices, making it cost much less than other products that are not nearly as powerful. The company prides itself on the highest quality ingredients.