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Moleremover.org Releases New Articles to Help People Overcome Embarrassing Skin Conditions


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Moleremover.org, the website consumers trust for the latest news and information about the numerous methods and products currently available for safely and painlessly removing moles and other skin blemishes, is pleased to announce that they have recently updated their website with new articles designed to assist people in finding the appropriate treatment for their condition.

Moles and other skin blemishes can pose a variety of problems for people, including functionality issues in which the condition interferes with movement and obstructs daily routines; skin diseases including cancer that can cause serious threats to a person’s health; and cosmetic issues that lead to embarrassment in social situations. Anyone who is experiencing atypical symptoms, such as bleeding at the site of the mole or moles with irregular patterns, colors or shapes, is encouraged to visit a dermatologist immediately, as these symptoms may indicate a life threatening condition.

The process of getting moles removed can be painful and costly and may cause anxiety for the patient, but the good news is that there are many topical and natural treatments that allow the patient to avoid these unnecessary and unpleasant consequences. The disadvantage of using such treatments, however, is that they may take a long time to work and may not be as effective as more invasive approaches.

Moleremover.org provides in-depth reviews of a new product known as Dermatend, a mole remover that promises to eliminate skin blemishes in a way that is safe, effective and non-invasive. Dermatend is a topical home remedy made from an all-natural herb solution that features blood root (sanguinaria canadensis) as the primary active ingredient.

Blood root is a unique herb known for its ability to break down skin tissue and is particularly effective when used for mole removal, skin tag removal and as a warts remover. Dermatend is becoming more and more popular as the number of people experiencing positive results continues to grow, and the Dermatend website now claims to have treated more than 1 million moles.

The drawbacks to Dermatend are not related to its effectiveness; instead some people will experience a mild to moderate burning sensation when the product is applied, and they will also be required to scratch the surface of the mole with a small metal object similar to a nail file before using the product.

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