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Molly's Music Offers Lessons with All Types of Instruments


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Molly’s Music is well known for their expert teachers and individualized voice lessons in Orange County at , but Molly’s Music is quickly becoming renowned for something else: the vast array of music instrument lessons available. Molly's teachers come from a varied musical background, giving them the ability to teach music lessons in Orange County at with almost any instrument imaginable.

Whether the instrument is the ever-popular piano or guitar or another instrument altogether, Molly’s Music believes that all students have varying ability levels and learn differently. Based on the core beliefs of individualism in learning, each lesson is tailor-made for each student.

Building a solid foundation in instrument technique is what gives Molly’s Music the reputation for leading the field in quality music lessons for all types of instruments from piano to guitar to percussion instruments. Combined with voice lessons, Molly’s Music teaches students the unique coordination techniques involved with musical multitasking.

The piano is an excellent first instrument to learn. Molly’s Music offers piano lessons in Orange County at to teach players from novice to advanced levels. Students use their newly found skills on the piano in songwriting, ensemble playing, and playing for fun at home.

Guitar playing is very popular due to its versatility. The guitar is considered a social instrument due to the ease of transporting it from place to place. Molly’s Music teaches the different styles of guitar playing from rock and roll solos to classical guitar fugues. Whatever the goal of the student, the talented guitar teachers at Molly’s Music adjust to the needs of each individual.

For students who want to learn a completely different instrument, Molly's Music has teachers who are proficient in almost every instrument on the planet. With a focus on student achievement and a flexible, relaxed atmosphere, music lessons at Molly's Music are fun, no matter what instrument the student is learning to play.

About Molly's Music
Molly's Music has been teaching Orange County students both voice and instrumental music theory for years and focuses on helping students achieve to the level they desire.

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