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Molten Salt Solar Energy Thermal Storage and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Market at $100 Million Will Reach $13.6 Billion by 2016

Concentrated thermal solar molten salt storage units at a level below $100 million in 2009 are anticipated to reach $13.6 billion by 2016.


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2016 -- A new study on Molten Salt Solar Energy Thermal Storage and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP): Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016. The 2010 study has 309 pages, 103 tables and figures.

Large solar farms are part of the answer to implementing energy generated from capture of heat from the sun. Utility scale systems are complex implementations of aggregated capture devices. The value of utility scale build out is the sheer size of the projects.

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It is easier to implement one large project in a controlled area than to implement multiple medium size project to achieve the same level of power generation.

Molten salt solar energy storage systems implement utility scale solar electricity systems. The large scale provides replacement for coal systems and supplements nuclear systems that are not feasible in many locations. Solar concentrators are able to run conventional steam generators, leveraging existing technology for renewable energy electricity use. Corrosion is an issue. The pipes that carry the molten salt need to be corrosion resistant, otherwise they need to be replaced every year. Heat is another issue. The high heat of the salt may cause chemical decomposition of the solution, creating the need to replace the solution at relatively short intervals.

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There is growing global demand for cost-effective and reliable solar power. Molten salt storage and solar electricity generation by use of steam turbines are poised to achieve significant growth. The economies of scale have not yet kicked in and will do so after 100 projects have been built out. The technology promises to be significant because the projects generate so much electricity.

Table Of Contents

Molten Salt Utility Scale Storage of Electricity From Solar Energy
Nanotechnology Promises To Be A Significant Aspect Of Solar
Storage Market Evolution
Global Demand For Cost-Effective And Reliable Solar Power
Molten Salt Solar Utility Scale Steam Turbine Market Shares
Molten Salt Solar Utility Scale Energy Market Forecast

1.1 Molten Salt Stores Solar Energy As Heat
1.1.1 Using Mirrors To Concentrate Sun Energy
1.1.2 Compressing Air Or Pumping Water Uphill To Store Sun's Energy
1.1.3 Round-Trip Efficiency
1.2 Molten Salt As Solar Heat Battery
1.2.1 Salt Storage System Potential Issues
1.3 Utility-Scale Thermal Concentrating Solar
1.3.1 Climate Change Is Predicted To Raise Global Sea Levels
1.4 Nuclear Power Plants
1.4.1 Impact of Changing Water Supplies
1.5 Power Plans
1.6 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
1.6.1 Components Of A Concentrated Solar Power CSP System
1.6.2 Parabolic Trough
1.6.3 Parabolic Dish
1.6.4 Central Tower
1.6.5 Solar Furnace
1.6.6 Solar Radiation Types Of Receiver
1.7 Uses Of CSP Technology
1.8 Decentralised Generation
1.9 Solar Air Conditioning
1.9.1 Solar Air Conditioning Sorbent
1.9.2 Refrigerant Circulation Systems Differentiated Processes
1.10 Go Solar California
1.10.1 Power The World From Desert
1.11 Key Elements In A Solar Cell
1.11.1 Emcore Magnifies Solar Energy
1.11.2 CPV Utility Positioning

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