Mom Shares Why HealthyWiser's Nail Care Is Great for Post-Pregnancy


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2016 -- It is great to note how HealthyWiser's professional nail care system can be used creatively for various purposes. A mom blogger shared how the product helped her maintain her nails that have gone awry after giving birth.

In her website Word of a Mom, this mother of three bought HealthyWiser's professional nail care system. She said the product is "a blessing," and helped her stay in good nail health post-pregnancy.

"Life is always so busy it is hard to find time to take care of yourself. Being a mother of three including a four week old is not only exhausting but also you cannot find time for yourself. That is why when you find a product that helps save you time and helps you look and feel better it is a blessing," she shared on her blog.

The HealthyWiser professional nail care system is an easy system that is used for manicure and pedicure. It has electronic systems that are used for filing, buffing and shining of nails in a snap. This product is an effortless way to keep fingernails and toenails in the best conditions, even when at home.

"With the eight months that I was pregnant it was hard to do my toenails and take care of my feet in general. With my feet being swollen and unmanageable I was feeling very self-conscious about my feet and my toenails," the mom blogger wrote.

She shared how HealthyWiser's professional nail care kit helped her get her nails back in shape. She recalled that after giving birth to her child, her nails were in bad shape. This is due to her long stay inside the hospital, unable to do nail care.

"You know how you blow up a rubber glove and the fingers on the glove look like little nubs, well that is what my feet looked like, just rubber feet gloves blown up rather the rubber hand gloves. My toenails were not in the best of shape either, since I wasn't able to bend over and take care of them," she added.

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