New Blogger on the Scene Gives a Refreshing Twist on the Typical 'mommy Blog' Format - debuts as a refreshing departure from the typical mommy blog format. It's a parenting blog for moms and dads who want to maintain a sense of "coolness".


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2012 -- “Mommy Blogger? Not me!” says Atlanta based Kesha Phillips, writer and editor of parenting and lifestyle guide “I’d like to think that We Got Kidz is a bit of a departure from the “flowers and butterflies”, “bubbles and bows” format that mommy blogs have come to be known for. Sure we have loads of great parenting advice, and sure we talk about crafts; but We Got Kidz is more than that. We’re here to bring a little bit of edginess and levity to our reader’s lives as well.”

In this age of social media, We Got Kidz opens the lines of communication for moms and dads alike offering up a refreshingly laid back approach to parenting to a “new generation” of parents. Kesha states, “I hope that We Got Kidz can be a bit of an exodus for moms and dads at the end of a long day. They can grab a cocktail, stop by, and get a dose of parenting advice, entertainment news, hilarious videos, and the best viral junk found around the web. It’s a media smorgasbord for parents who want the best and most informative information on parenting and family life, but who also want to be entertained as well.”

Since their launch in July of 2011 has grown by leaps and bounds and boasts a community full of parents who delight in what We Got Kidz has to offer. “It’s so rare that I read a blog and immediately think, ‘I want to be friends with this person’”, says Kendra of

“Your site is for parents who still want to remain ‘cool’ and in touch with what’s going on”, says another loyal reader. These are true testaments to what We Got Kidz is all about.

Already in syndication on sites like Ehow and, is truly becoming an authority in the parenting blog” niche.