'Mommy Really Loves Me' - Children's Book Dealing with a Child's Misinterpretation of Their Mother's Love

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Tel Aviv, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- The bond between parents and children is something that cannot be described in words. Each parent has his or her own way of expressing love towards their children and vice versa. Children are loving, sensitive and caring but at the same time they have a lot of questions in their mind and there is no way one can predict what those questions would look like. The book “Mommy Really Loves Me” written by Sari Barel, an expert in the development of creative thinking and the author of the best-selling popular "Truthy Ruthy" series of books for children and their parents.

This book is a story of a small kid Jessica. The story revolves around the kid who is delighted to discover that every mom in the world loves her kid and has her own way to show that love. Jessica is even more delighted to realize that her mother also loves her very much and even more – She trusts her!

The inspiration behind writing this book is Sari’s own son wherein he realizes his feelings for his mom. As she said: " one day my five year-old son said to me “Mom, I thought that you love me less than other mothers and today I realized that you just trust me!” why? Because a mother of one of his preschool friends almost fainted when he got a black eye, and he thought that is how a loving mother should behaves.Twenty years have gone by since then. Our relationship is a particularly good and loving one. Try to imagine what would have happened if my son hadn’t had this insight? If he hadn’t told me what he’d been feeling? It was this thought that drove me to write this book. I didn’t want any boy or girl to carry a wrong impression around with them. I wanted all parents to know that their children don’t take it for granted that they, their parents, love them; that people in every family would say each day how much they love each other."

To know more one should read the book. The story is emotional, humorous and full of feelings. This book tells parents on how well the question can be answered in the most humorous ways. This book is a must read especially by the parents, children, preschool teachers, the coaches and the rapists.

The book comes with a really wonderful gift which is a set of colorful gift cards which can be used by children to print their feelings for their parents and help enhance the bond between each other.

'Mommy Really Loves Me'
FREE on Amazon on July 28-29, 2014.

Author: Sari Barel Illustrator: Neda F. Genre: Children's books age 4-8, Values

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