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Mom's Journey: Israeli-American Mother's New Book, Comprising Hundreds of Tips, Urges Others to Shun Convention & Pave Their Own Way of Parenting

Masterfully crafted by Limor Friedman, ‘Mom’s Journey’ documents the author’s challenge through raising three beautiful, successful and well-behaved children. However, Friedman and her husband didn’t stick to the usual ‘rules’; instead opting to pave their own way without conforming to common traditions and conventions. With hundreds of tips on raising kids the stress-free way, the book is poised to serve as a godsend and vital wakeup call to parents everywhere.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- All parents know the drill; lay on the baby talk thick and make sure children stay young for as long as possible. One look at Limor Friedman’s three successful daughters would have anyone believing that her and Mr. Friedman stuck by the same parenting ‘rule book’ to the letter when, in reality, they threw it out of the window as soon each child was born. Having proudly paved their own way of parenting, Friedman is urging others to do the same in her powerful new book.

‘Mom’s Journey’ offers hundreds of tips on raising kids the stress-free way while maintaining a career and balancing life’s other ever-changing demands. Friedman’s model involves no shouting, no unnecessary stress, a lot of love and the key ingredient – no conforming to the belief that the ‘common way’ is necessarily the right way.

“We found raising our three daughters to be very easy – and not many parents can say that!” admits Friedman. “We made a pact that we’d pave our own way and not conform to the ‘common way’ just because we assumed it worked. In fact, we discovered that many of our own strategies were more successful and simpler. For example, we skipped the baby talk and always spoke to our baby daughters as if they understood each word. The doctor was amazed at how quickly their communications skills developed; with our daughters forming their first words aged just seven months!” says Friedman.

Continuing, “Most books on parenting are written by psychologists, but mine was written from the heart and experience. Our over-riding message is one of really shaping parenting into something you can own and, in the process, not wasting time or making mistakes in the pursuit of the norm. You’d be amazed how enjoyable and simple raising kids can be!”

The book’s content was drawn from eighteen years of experience, and typed on an iPhone in a diner as Friedman’s youngest daughter attended gym class.

“This is probably the only full-length book to have been written on a mobile device. All I had to do was recall memories and strategy; before I knew it I had a book. It’s chock-full of tips that parents can deploy no matter how young or old their children are. Ultimately, we nudged our daughters in the right direction and they figured out their own path in life. By reading my book, your kids can do the same,” she adds.

‘Mom’s Journey’ is available now: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M3EDJ7M.

*50% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to a worthy charity serving the needs of under-privileged children, or as a donation to public schools.

About Limor Friedman
Limor Friedman and her family crave adventure, so much so that in 2010 they relocated from a small Israeli village to Manhattan. With her three daughters now approaching adulthood, Friedman puts their open-mindedness, success and zest for life down to this dramatic cultural shift.

For the past two decades Friedman and her husband have grown a successful direct marketing business and, as keen believers in balancing work with play, indulge in family traveling, sports and ocean swimming whenever possible.

“The precious moments we share inspire my writing and I have accumulated hundreds of tips for raising kids in a friendly, respectful, and nourishing environment.

Academically, Friedman studied History and Philosophy at Tel-Aviv University; a perfect change from the business knowledge that she deploys every day.

In short, Limor Friedman embraces her gifted life of success, family and minimum constraints.