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Monetize the Good Old Junk Car: Handy Tips to Get the Most out of Pre-Loved Automobiles

No matter how much a man takes care of things, there will be a point where that thing will end up useless either by accident or natural causes – old age. This can be applied on junk cars, the ones that have been the man’s travel companion that are now of no use and just occupies too much space on the garage or the front yard.


Coconut Creek, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Selling junk cars to get the most cash is a sample research. Find out how to get the most out of Palm Beach junk cars.

There are businesses that pay for auto salvage, and selling the car to these businesses is a good way to monetize some of the car’s worth. These businesses sell the parts to other car owners or car repair shops in exchange of cash, the main reason why they bought the junked vehicle in the first place. Prior to selling the car one must assure that he’ll get the most out of it.

Obtain the car’s ownership

The seller must have the car’s title for salvage lots and scrap yards cannot purchase the junked vehicle from anyone but the owner. It is a must to have the ownership with the name penned on title prior to dealing with these businesses.

Be knowledgeable of the value

Examine the car’s damage and determine the Blue Book value of the vehicle. Acquire as much information about the car’s condition. As much as possible, consider fixing some of the car’s damage to make it road worthy. Vehicles that run are far more valuable than those that don’t, some junk yards may charge if they are the one who will pick up the car.

Solicit for prices

Give the junk yards around the area a ring, and make sure to call those on the nearby cities. These businesses may offer you different prices, going the extra mile is worth the money. Some yards don’t pay a single cent for the cars that they have to pick while others pay a considerable amount depending on the built, model and the car’s damage. It is always wise to call several junk yards to compare prices. Having a list of damages can make this process smoother.

Deliver the car personally

Now that the car has a price, it is now time to turn it over to the junk yard. If possible, tow or drive the car personally. Majority of the salvage yards will pay a larger amount for cars that they don’t have to bring in, as it saves them time, money and effort. Make sure to bring the title for these businesses can only purchase from the legitimate owners.

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