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Money Morning Discusses, 'What the Facebook Stock Price Will Do Next in 2016?'


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2016 -- Widely popular and highly trusted financial advice website – Money Morning discusses the future of one of the most popular tech stock - Facebook Inc, in the article 'What the Facebook Stock Price Will Do Next in 2016'.

The highly professional analysts of Money Morning have highlighted all the major ups and downs of the Facebook Stock, from 2012 till 2016; and has also comprehensively explained the reason why one should think about investing in Facebook stocks in 2016.

According to the reasons stated by Money Morning, the first reason to invest in Facebook stocks is because the company has plenty of room for growth, the user growth is constantly growing and is projected to keep on growing in the future; Reason 2 – Facebook owns another widely popular social media network, Instagram - its revenue further strengthens the Facebook stock; Reason 3 –Mobile growth or Facebook's mobile advertising revenue, which is called a Facebook "mobile goldmine" by Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson; and Reason 4 –Stabilized FB stock price and most importantly – the leadership of the CEO - Mark Zuckerberg, who has brought Facebook to this stage and has great plans for the future of Facebook.

The important thing is that the Facebook stock prices are expected to rise continuously for the next five years, so it is a far safer investment as compared to other tech stock. According to Money Morning Director of Tech Investing Michael A. Robinson, the Facebook stock price will surpass $250 a share within five years. That would represent a massive 103% gain from the July 27 close of $123.34. This forecast is driven by Facebook's Instagram revenue growth and presence in the growing virtual reality market.

Thus, no matter if one is planning on holding stock in long-term and/or even for a short time period, they can seriously think about investing in Facebook stocks, because obviously – Facebook stock are one of the safest and the most profitable tech stock, currently.

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