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Money Runners Group Penny Stock Picks Newsletter Among Fastest Growing Stock Newsletters in 2012


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2012 -- The Money Runners Group penny stock advice newsletter continues its rapid growth in 2012 as one of the fastest growing stock newsletters on the Web by adding thousands of new members with more joining weekly. The penny stock advice and investor group specializes in penny stock tips that make money for their clients.

Scanning and researching the market is a time consuming and laborious task that is beyond the available time of many investors. For more than a decade, Money Runners Group has specialized in penny stock advice and used their newsletter to put the hottest stocks in today’s market at the fingertips of investors. “We scan the markets for the most undervalued penny stock picks and send those winners straight to our members’ inbox first before the rest of the market gets a chance,” said the Money Runners Group specialist.

Many Websites show historical gains that date back years in some cases, giving the investor outdated information on picks that the Website bypassed when it was hot news. Money Runners Group penny stock picks are current, fresh, and the very best in the industry. The penny stock advice and investor group analysts utilize the group’s proprietary scanners to comb thousands of stocks a day to arrive at candidates with high potential for gains. “Our professionals carefully evaluate Risk/Reward to bring profits to our newsletter members in a big way,” said the specialist.

The Penny Stock Newsletter saves research time for investors and brings them the hot stocks and huge winners before anyone else. With a proven track record and multiple 500 percent-plus gainers, investors can’t go wrong with signing up for the newsletter for free. “The only way to get access to this valuable information is to sign up for our newsletter and become a subscriber,” said the Money Runners Group specialist.

Money Runners Group is so sure of their stock picking skills that investors can try the newsletter for one month and see if it meets their standards. “Our members are assured that they can trust that the advice in the newsletter is both accurate and in real time so they can act on it immediately, take advantage of hot stocks and start putting profits in their pockets.” For more information, please visit http://moneyrunnersgroup.com

About Money Runners Group
Money Runners Group focuses solely on providing the latest and most up-to-date penny stock advice to its members via their newsletter. The penny stock investment group lives and breathes the market and has been investing and helping clients financially for over 10 years. Membership signup for their newsletter is free and only members have access to the real-time alerts sent via newsletter for hot stocks that can lead to profits.