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Montreal's Largest Day Trading Group Welcomes Joel Wissing for a Three Day Trading Workshop

Montreal Day Trading Course is all set to be held on March 22 to March 24, 2014. This time the trading group welcomes guest Mr. Joel Wissing from the Money Maker Edge, who is going to talk about the ways professional traders protect their assets and they psychology necessary to be a profitable trader.


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- The three day trading workshop by Montreal's Largest Day Trading Group is inviting Mr. Joel Wissing as guest speaker and trainer. Mr. Wissing will be speaking about the tactics to protect assets and help stock market enthusiasts to know the ways to manage risks. The day trading course will be held from March 22 to March 24, 2014. This three day trading workshop will provide a chance for traders to not only learn about the market but to learn through high impact trading activities which are used in major trading houses internationally to train their traders. Sources confirmed that Montreal Day Traders is one of Quebec's largest trading groups for individual investors with over 150 members. The course is presented in English but can be followed up in French as well. Once finished, the attendees are also invited to trade live with the group of current traders to continue their education each week.

When contacted, a spokesperson from the Montreal Day Trading Group, they said, “Yes, Mr. Joel Wissing would be a part of the workshop. He will be training the group on risk management, how to get in trades, how to manage trades, and how to manage yourself while trading. He is a successful stock, equities, and futures trader, known for sharing his methods and experiences with other traders to get them to profitability. He will explain details how and what to do when the market goes down to make money and also ideas for protecting your assets.” He further added, “We are providing a great opportunity for traders to invest in themselves so that they can manage their risk and learn about the psychology of the market. This will decrease the risk of losing money.”

Sources also confirmed that Mr. Wissing would also present plans and strategies for Bitcoin trading and his "follow my trade" program for managed accounts. Joel would be training people in the money maker psychology by devoting two days to market and one day in helping the attendees understand and execute the actual trading.

The Montreal Day Traders live training is a small group of 8- 10 traders in the S&P 500 emini futures.

They will be covering the keys to trading and managing investments:
- A written business strategy in an easy to use template that will help people with every quarter to stay on track.
- Attendees will have their trading code, a group of trade rules
- Recording and quantifying results and keeping a trade journal
- Precise Entry points
- Price and Direction
- Trade Strategy
- Learn how to set daily targets.
- Learn when to trade and when not to trade
- Trading plan to move to profitability.
- How to let the trades come to any trader.
- Trading with targets and how to manage risk.
- How to get income, wealth and freedom trading.
- How to spot the highest probability trade
- Mastering the strategy
- How to be responsible for their trading and level of choice in the market.
- How to know specific times to trade and not to trade.
- Personal training to understand responsible trading practices.
- The real working s of the market place and how to use these for personal advantage versus being taken advantage of.
- The difference between direction and hope in trading the S&P 500.

How to enter a trade and minimize risk so that traders would not throw their money away.

They have found that relying on the traders’ memory to plan trading can lead them into a pattern of loss. This system includes a trade journal which will keep everyone on track with the results of their trading to leverage their actual trading ability. Traders will also get the trade manual with the Money Maker Edge methodology and membership to the trade room where they trade live with other profitable traders that practice our methodology. For more information please visit

About Money Maker Edge
Money Maker Edge offers traders the best trading programs with advanced training techniques. It not only talks about the systems behind trading but also the ways to manage the psychology of trading and the best practices of professional profitable traders. Money Maker Edge™ has been empowering traders through advanced training techniques which focus not only on the systems behind trading but on the individuals as unique traders. Joel Wissing – Master trader and Trade Psychologist trainer, uses his experience with institutional traders and beginning traders to give to the individual the edge mentally over other traders in the Market. Through testing they look for the tendency of the individual and how to model this into their trading programs. The Money Maker Edge™ system enables the individual to learn how to use their strengths in the market. Montreal Day Traders can be reached at 514-436-8921.

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