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Mono DiGlycerides is commonly known as fatty acid; it is used in food products as an emulsifier. Fatty acid or mono-diglycerides are typically low in concentration.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2018 -- Mono DiGlycerides market: Overview

Mono DiGlycerides is commonly known as fatty acid; it is used in food products as an emulsifier. Fatty acid or mono-diglycerides are typically low in concentration. This chemical is extensively added in food commodities to enhance their shelf life. Though it is used to increase the storage life of the food products, several inbuilt negative qualities are impacting the overall development of the mono-diglycerides market.

Some of the popular food products such as palm oil contain a considerable amount of mono-diglycerides and studies reveal and the consumption of this chemical hampers health. Ricinus fatty acids, nickel, tartaric acid are some of the commonly found compounds in mono-diglycerides. Mono-diglycerides are typically present in packaged foods. Some of the less health friendly food products available in the market, such as baked foods, soft drinks, ice creams, gums and candies harbour mono-diglycerides.

The packaged food industry is booming, and this constant growth of this industry is expediting the sale the preservatives such as mono-diglycerides. Packaged food industry is continually expanding its periphery. In the recent times' packed food and drinks have grown manifold in some of the developing regions such as APEJ and MEA. Countries such as India and China are playing a crucial role in the growth of the packaged food and beverages industry. Apart from the APEJ region, processed and packaged food industry in GCC region has witnessed a standard growth in the last few years. Market experts believe that the food processing sector will register a significant CAGR in the coming few years. Political turmoil in some of the East European countries will continue to hamper the growth of the food processing and packaged food and beverages industry; the adverse political climate has already fractured the financial development of this region and further reduced the purchasing power millions of citizens present in this region of the globe. The packaged food will clock less profit from the Chinese market as stringent regulations; enhanced awareness will play a spoilsport in the growth of the prepared food and beverages market. These conflicting elements will affect the healthy development of the food preservatives market in the years to come.

Mono DiGlycerides market: Drivers

Rapid change in the lifestyle of the commoners around the globe, rising need of on -the- go- food products and the emergence of new thriving markets packed with millennial population will help to expand the market of the packed foods and beverages. These factors will fuel the use of mono-diglycerides as an additive. Natives of the emerging markets such as India, MEA are less concerned about food safety and government rules are lenient, authorities are apathetic towards public and food security. These factors will support the growth of the food preservatives such as mono-diglycerides in the forthcoming years. Though the awareness levels about healthy foods are high in developed markets such as North America and Europe, still there is a large chunk of the population which is dependent on these packaged foods. The food giants present in these regions of the globe are incredibly powerful and they are capable of twisting government policies to continue their market dominance. Some of the biggest names from the processed food industry are camped across this region to compliment the market requirement. These food giants are moulding the psyche of the consumers through star-studded brand campaigns. These components will promote the processed food market which will further enhance the demand of the chemicals such as mono-diglycerides.

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Mono DiGlycerides market: Restraints

Dip in the use of packaged food products and minimal use of harmful chemicals adapted by some organic or halal food manufacturing companies around the globe and stringent government rules to protect public health will slow the growth of the mono-diglycerides market.

Mono DiGlycerides market: Key Regions

Being the largest processed food market North America will drive the growth of the mono-diglycerides market. Europe will follow suit. APEJ and MEA market will probably hold a lion share of the monoglycerides market in the years to come. As the consumers of these regions are unaware of the harmful effects of this chemical and government rules on food safety are full of loopholes. China and Japan will showcase a dip in the growth of the mono-diglycerides market as buyers are sensitised, and their food habits are different from rest of the world.

Mono DiGlycerides market: Key Players

ESTELLE, gillco ingredients, parchem, ChemNet, Hangzhou GengYang Chemical Materials Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Fuchun Food Additive Co., Ltd. are some of the many companies operating in the mono diglycerides market.

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