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Monopolize in Shopping Launches Website Geared Toward Trendy Plus Size Fashions

Due To The Lack Of Fashionable Clothing For Plus Size Women Website Offers Advice


Milwaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Statistics from a number of sectors indicate 66 percent of the adult population currently wears larger clothing than what is popularly considered average size. In drastic contrast to this number, only approximately 15 percent of popular boutiques and in vogue retail chains offer plus size clothing for young women. Though efforts are being made to solicit the fashion industry to cater to beauty of any size, trendy clothing is not readily available to those who wear what has become the normal size. As advocates for an essential revolution among the fashion industry, Monopolize in Shopping has launched their website dedicated to helping plus size people find the products they may be looking for.

Melanie of Monopolize in Shopping confirmed, "As many plus size girls will agree, it can be frustrating to shop for truly fashionable clothing. Most trendy clothing is geared toward those with smaller figures. With some insight on how to flatter the body, though, stylish attire can be found for ladies of any size. The advice we offer has been gleaned from fashion experts worldwide and can help anyone find outfits that are both trendy and flattering."

According to the company's website, plus size women generally bear either an apple or pear shaped figure. Those among the latter tend to have larger hips and thighs. Tops displaying vibrant color schemes and patterns aid in minimizing the lower portion of the body, as do longer jackets and tops. Women considered apple shaped are those with larger midsections and more slender limbs. Frills and lace are recommended for this body type, used to accentuate the bust line. A-line dresses are also perfect, as they emphasize shapely legs.

Monopolize in Shopping also suggests monochromatic color schemes incorporating dark hues such as black, burgundy and royal blue. These colors are helpful in making any body type appear more slender and hiding areas that make many women feel less confident. Polyester, cotton and spandex fabrics are recommended while silk and rayon should be avoided because they tend to cling and emphasize problem areas. Melanie noted vertical stripes are slimming, so they are an asset to any wardrobe.

As is the case with women of any size, it is important not to wear clothing that is too tight, regardless of the size on the label. Tight fitting clothing can make anyone look larger than they really are. Baggy clothing seems to have the same effect; therefore, well fitting clothing that is neither too big nor too small is the appropriate course of action. Melanie concluded, "Through our website, viewers can find venues offering a variety of trendy plus size women's clothing for cheap prices. Though many of the tips mentioned are for women, we also provide links to websites offering difficult to find big and tall clothing for men at reasonable prices."

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