The Latest Monster Hunter 4 Collaboration, Offers Hunting of Giant Monsters with a 'Silver Spoon',


Singapore, -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- The particular release of the extremely awaited Monster Hunter 4,today has got many people excited and right now, Capcom‘s original Monster Hunting series is making cooperating with the well-known anime and manga series Silver Spoon.

Monster Hunter 4 is definitely the very first to be published originally for a portable system. It will also support the new accessory to add a second pad (Expansion Slide Pad) for Nintendo 3DS. It is worth mentioning that this version will have a graphic touch, more like Monster Hunter Unite, being totally oblivious to that version.

The anime adaptation for Full Metal Alchemist manga author Hiromu Arakawa’s other extremely famous manga series, happens to be broadcasting in Japan and it is actually providing the hunters an extremely distinctive weapon. Presenting, the Silver Spoon! With this bad boy, an individual can easily whack all sorts of monsters with this ginormous spoon. Additional information about this collaboration is going to be released in the near future.

It might be completely wonderful if one could have a gigantic fork too so his hunter would look completely bad-ass along with his dual wielding.

Silver Spoon certainly is not the only series that is likely to make an appearance in the video game as some heavy hitters from Nintendo will likewise be making an appearance.

A few unique costumes are going to be provided integrating these Mario and Luigi Felyne costumes. These costumes are going to be accessible via 7-11 stores all across Japan.

Link may also be showing up in the game and he's carrying his Master Sword, Hylian Shield in addition to his bow and arrows with him! These Legend of Zelda monster Hunter weapons and costumes will be obtainable by way of download. Additional information on this Legend of Zelda Monster Hunter set, is going to be introduced in the near future.

Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS comes out in Japan on September 14, 2013.

On the same day, Capcom will even release an Asian version of Monster Hunter 4 (Japanese text/voices in game, supports online play on the same servers in Japan, but comes with a Chinese instruction manual, priced at HK$368) for the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets.

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