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Monster Tree Service of Cleveland Touts Success of Recent Tree Removal Project


LaGrange, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2015 -- This past summer, Monster Tree Service of Cleveland recently saw success in the removal of one of the oldest white oaks, (Quercus alba), in the state of Ohio. Following a windstorm earlier in the summer, the owner of the white oak noticed a limb, measuring approximately three feet in diameter and eighty feet in length, that had split and fallen from the tree. This tree was over 350 years old and was registered as a historic tree. The homeowner contacted the Cleveland Metro Parks Forestry Department since their property is next to the Metropark Property. The Forester, to his dismay, recommended the tree be removed as it was now assessed as a peril to the property owner and the surrounding area.

The homeowner contacted Monster Tree Service of the Cleveland, Ohio area, and Valeri Mariakis, the certified arborist at the company, responded quickly to the call. Immediately, she noted the tree needed to be removed without causing additional significant harm to the existing woods surrounding it, and without damaging the house. This observation was greatly appreciated by the homeowner as they enjoy the natural landscape of the property and did not want any damage to their home. Thus, the Monster Team used a side access point rather than go through the woods to mitigate damage to the landscape. Specific specialized equipment was also brought in to achieve the desired goals.

At the time of removal, the tree had a circumference of approximately 263 inches, which is the approximate equivalent of 7 feet in diameter. In the end, they discovered that the tree was 85 percent hollow throughout the trunk, but were able to remove it safely and without incident. The homeowner was pleased with the results of the work performed, and Monster was proud to have been an integral part of the project.

About Monster Tree Service of Cleveland
Monster Tree Service of Cleveland is a member of the national Monster Tree Service franchise that was established in 2008. Owned by Daniel Schrodt, this franchise offers many of the same tree care services that other locations across the Unites States provides. Some of the services that they provide consist of tree removal, pruning, elevating, planting, and hazardous tree assessment. Areas that they provide their services to include Avon, Berea, Lakewood, Westlake and Rocky River, OH.

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