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Monster Tree Service Taking New Customers Looking to Prepare Trees for the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season


Fort Washington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2015 -- With the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season underway, now is the time for home and business owners to ensure that their trees are ready to handle strong winds and rain. When looking for a reliable company to prepare trees for this year's hurricane season, one company that individuals can turn to is Monster Tree Service. In fact, this tree care company is eager to announce that they are taking new customers looking to prepare trees for the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season.

The main reason why it is important to ensure trees are prepared to handle severe weather is because they will be less likely to cause damage. Although it is impossible to prevent limbs or trees from falling, certain things can be done to ensure that the damage they cause is less severe. For example, a Certified Arborist can identify any weakness in a tree, or recommend ways in which a tree can remain healthy enough to withstand severe weather. Some Arborists may also suggest something as simple as pruning a tree—or in the worst case scenario—a complete removal of a tree because of its age, or the fact that it has become diseased, etc.

Even if a home or business owner believes that their trees can handle the severe weather, it is still important to have them checked by an Arborist. One of the many benefits of choosing Monster Tree Service is that the company offers free in-home estimates that require no obligation to use their services. Therefore, if any home or business owner wants to get an idea of how well their trees can withstand the elements and what it will cost to make that happen, Monster Tree Service is the company to call.

Past, current and new customers are strongly encouraged to inquire about preparing their trees for hurricane season by calling 1-866-474-0124. Monster Tree Service can also be reached by email at To find the nearest location, please visit

About Monster Tree Service
Monster Tree Service was established in 2008. Over the years, the company has expanded to become a national franchise that currently offers their services in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Delaware, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Minnesota, and California. The company offers both resident and commercial services that includes but is not limited to: removal, trimming, land/lot clearing, planting, and also emergency tree removal. The company is made up of compassionate individuals and Certified Arborists who focus on offering nothing but exceptional services.

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