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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2014 -- Monte Carlo Productions takes the lead in establishing an innovative casino night format. The winning format delivers the fun and excitement of playing games of chance without getting into Atlanta's commercial gaming dog house. Doing a casino night in cooperation with the gaming rules of the City of Atlanta assures a fun time for all.

Monte Carlo is the best bet in producing a casino night in Atlanta.

The Legacy

Monte Carlo casino night's legacy started in the courts of Atlanta. The story goes back a few years. The Solicitor of the City of Atlanta and the District Attorney of Fulton County tried to stop Monte Carlo Ltd casino night parties. The court also attempted to confiscate Monte Carlo's props. No such luck, Monte Carlo Ltd, battled the matter in court. Establishing the legal format for casino nights in Fulton County Superior Court and the City of Atlanta.

Proper Format

Staying out of the legal weeds, here is what makes Monte Carlo's format work. Participants do not have to pay to play, nor risk anything to play. Only play for the fun of it, while enjoying the challenge and excitement of casino games. As set by the host, appropriate prizes and recognition sweetens the player’s pot. Whether nonprofit or for profit, business owners want to deliver fun for volunteers or employees and families.


Customized for each business owner the designer casino night creates a feeling of exclusive hospitality for all players. Designed just for particular employees and volunteers, the casino night event creates a sense of community in the context of fun for all.

Event Decor

Monte Carlo Productions sets up a realistic casino with authentic furniture and professional supporting staff. Visualize this: a room filled with real roulette wheels, blackjack tables, poker tables, baccarat tables, over-and-under tables, chuck-a-luck tables, and craps tables. Imagine the crowd of people playing, talking, yelling about wins and moaning about losses. Further still, all of the tables have knowledgeable dealers dressed in casino uniforms who know how to bring out the fun for all.

The employees are free to ask questions and improve understanding of the games. The exchange is paper play money for chips, very realistic. Monte Carlo creates the total sensory experience. The set-up realism comes as close to Las Vegas or Atlantic City environment as possible, get this, without the downer of losing the rent money.

Monte Carlo casino night is a winner! Players roll the dice and take no chances. That is fun stuff.

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