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Monteith Physio Founder Has Unique Experience with Injuries


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Adam Monteith, founder of Monteith Physio brings a unique perspective to the practice. The clinic’s owner has a strong background in sports related injuries and has personally experienced many of the sports injuries and conditions he now treats.

“It gives me a new level of insight into the pain experience and level of rehabilitation needed for my patients,” said Monteith.

The practice helps clients alleviate and manage their pain, increase their mobility and prevent further injury occurrences. Multiple therapies are offered to accommodate the needs of the individual. Customized treatment plans can employ single methods or be combined with complementary therapies designed to quickly restore clients to their normal function and activities.

Sports related injuries are increasing in all age groups. One of the primary methods used to address sports injuries is therapeutic massage. The technique is valuable in the treatment of new injuries, rehabilitation, and addressing pain and dysfunction from previous injuries. It’s especially beneficial for those that have developed scar tissue.

Therapeutic massage releases tension in soft tissue, promotes joint health and allows patients to increase their available range of motion. It’s an effective method of treating headaches and migraines caused by tension, stress, and grinding or clenching of the teeth. Massage therapy is utilized by athletes of all levels to enhance performance, boost the immune system and remove toxins from the body.

Two of the core components of physiotherapy are hands-on manipulation and mobilization. Physiotherapists assist patients perform passive movements to ease pain caused by damage, trauma and injury to joints and connective tissue. The techniques are effective methods for patients suffering from dysfunction and joint misalignments that can cause pain in multiple locations within the body.

Clinical Pilates is specialized exercise that keeps joints limber, relieves pain and helps clients avoid injury by strengthening the core muscles. Prescription Pilates programs are tailored to the individual to aid in rehabilitation and addressing conditions such as frozen shoulder and overuse injuries. Programs are modified as the patient’s level of ability and mobility increase.

The practice performs custom bike fits that allows clients to ride safely and avoid injuries ranging from sprains and strains to fractures. Cervical pillow assessments are also performed. Assistance is available to aid patients in finding pillows that provide the correct level of support, allowing clients to receive restful sleep and maintain correct sleep posture and alignment.

Physiotherapy services at Monteith Physio are all designed to accelerate the healing process, reduce pain and help patients return to their normal activities. As a former sports injury patient himself, Monteith brings special insight into the treatment of numerous injuries, conditions and pain associated with chronic disease.

The clinic can be reached by phone at +612 9252 2433 or by visiting Monteith Physio Sydney online.

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Monteith Physio
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