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Montem Trekking Poles Due to Release in Mid-May


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2016 -- Montem, an upcoming brand dedicated to providing high quality outdoors gear for adventure enthusiasts, proudly announces the release of its new line of trekking poles on Preorders for the poles have began and are scheduled to ship out in Mid-May. Montem has produced a sturdy yet lightweight trekking pole, designed for easy use, comfort, and durability. These ultra-strong poles are constructed with the highest level of craftsmanship, sporting a durable aluminum frame and adjustable height. It also comes equipped with secure clasps to ensure the sturdiest trekking experience.

Damian King, Montem's Chief Quality Officer, emphasizes the wonderful benefits of their elite product, stating, "Montem's Trekking Poles offer a number of desirable benefits to hikers, trekkers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Our trekking poles improve overall posture and balance, whether hiking uphill or downhill and especially through tough terrains. Our poles are designed to reduce the impact and stress on your joints in order to ensure a safer trek while boosting the number of calories burned, building upper body strength, and strengthening your core."

Joseph Slagus, an avid trekker and tester of Montem's early Trekking Pole prototypes, praises how user-friendly it is, saying, "Montem's Trekking Poles took less than thirty seconds to setup. All you have to do is remove the poles from its wrapping and adjust the height so that your elbow is bent comfortably at a 90-degree angle when gripping the poles. Afterwards, simply slide your hands through the straps and hold the grip loosely to prevent any hand or wrist soreness. As you advance further in your hiking adventure, you can adjust the height accordingly based on terrain and personal comfort. With its comfortable cork grips and reflective nylon straps, hikers and trekkers will never have to worry about hand fatigue or losing their poles."

Starting at $35.99, Montem's Trekking Poles will be on sale for the general public in Mid-May. Preorder now as you make the world your playground!

About Montem
Montem is a brand of premium outdoors gear for enthusiastic hikers, trekkers and overall adventure seekers. Their easy-to-use and quality-constructed products make any outdoors activity easier and safer.

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