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Montessori Schools Are More Popular Than Ever


Little Falls, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2016 -- The Montessori instruction method started back over one hundred years ago when Dr. Maria Montessori decided to take a unique approach to schooling young children in Italy. Since then, the trend has gradually made its way across the globe to the United States, and it is currently trendier than ever. Many attribute the open-mindedness of parents to the explosion of readily available information due to internet advances and social media sharing. Today, parents believe in Montessori's freedom-based method that allows children to learn with others at their own pace. Teaching no longer centers on memorization and strict curriculums, and children from New Jersey to California are reaping the benefits of this innovative approach.

Monarch Montessori, an exclusive Passaic County (NJ) daycare that embraces this modern method, experienced an enrollment influx due to the volume of the positive reviews from parents in the area. Their company vision is to "nurture and support the physical, intellectual, and emotional growth and transformation of young children in a beautiful, safe, clean, and engaging learning environment." The school accomplishes this by utilizing multi-age classrooms to encourage children of all ages to work together. This tactic teaches leadership, teamwork, and boosts confidence among the group.

The six weeks to six year age range is commonly considered the most critical years of child development. Fewer parents are buying into same-aged classrooms, assigned seats, and sedentary learning. Children need to reach their potential by being active. The teachers at Monarch Montessori are more of a guide than a disciplinarian. Montessori instructors supervise the children but allow them to learn at their own pace without scolding the students. For more information on this innovative Passaic County daycare, visit http://monarch-montessori/ or call 973-928-3605.

About Monarch Montessori
As an Associate Member of the American Montessori Society, Monarch Montessori is a school and daycare providing education to children between the ages of six weeks and six years old. Located in Little Falls, NJ, the school operates out of a state-of-the-art facility and follows the guidelines based on the Montessori philosophy. They offer extended care programs, multi-age grouping classrooms and a summer program for their students. Children are treated to advanced digital technologies, an eco-friendly environment and an outdoor play area.

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