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Montgomery County Heating & Air Now Installing Humidifiers This July


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Montgomery County Heating & Air, a company that offers air conditioning service in King of Prussia, is pleased to announce they are now installing whole house humidifiers. Installing a whole house humidifier into a heating/cooling system in a home will give the homeowners a multitude of benefits.

The number one reason to install a whole house humidifier is for health purposes. It’s a fact that viruses will spread quicker in an environment that is low in humidity. Adding humidity to the air will not only make it more comfortable, but it will make it a healthier environment. Dry air can cause sore throats, dry noses, coughing, dry itchy skin, and static electricity. Dry air is a very uncomfortable environment to live in, but it’s hard to avoid in the winter, especially if the house has forced hot air.

The professionals from Montgomery County Heating & Air realize that adding humidity back into the air in the winter will also help cut back on energy costs. Dry air always feels cooler than humid air. This can be proven in the summertime. An 80-degree humid day feels much warmer than an 80-degree dry day. This is why humidity usually isn’t very welcome in the summer. It always makes it feel hotter than it really is. Take this same scenario and put it in the winter when a person would want to feel warmer. If the house has overly dry air, then setting the thermostat to 70 degrees will still feel very cold. Most homeowners keep bumping up the temperature on the thermostat until it feels warm enough. This will raise the energy bill as the heating system needs to work harder to heat the house to the desired temperature. If controlled humidity is added into the air, then that same 70 degrees is going to feel much warmer.

For air conditioning service in Montgomery County, or to inquire about whole house humidifiers, call Montgomery County Heating & Air today to speak to an installation professional. It will make a big difference in the energy bill when the cooler months approach, and will make the homeowners comfortable and healthier.

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