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Montgomery County Heating & Air Now Offering Humidifiers


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2013 -- Montgomery County Heating & Air is pleased to announce they are now offering humidifiers for the entire house. Humidified air has many health, comfort, and even energy saving benefits.

Whole house humidifiers are installed within the central heating and cooling units. They provide comfort in every room of the house by maintaining the humidity to a preset level. Breathing humidified air has many health benefits. Dry air can cause a host of sinus and allergy problems, not to mention dry skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds, and a dry irritated throat. Most of these problems occur in the winter when the heating system is warming the house. As it warms the house, it is also drying the air. Installing a whole house humidifier will keep the house at a comfortable humidity level all year round, especially in the winter when it’s needed most.

Whole house humidifiers can also reduce energy costs. It’s a fact that humid air feels warmer than dry air. For example, during the summer (outside), an 85-degree humid day feels much warmer than an 85-degree dry day. If the air is dry inside the home during the winter, the homeowner tends to turn up the thermostat. This makes the heating unit work harder and thus increasing energy costs. Installing a whole house humidifier will make the air inside the house feel warmer and enable the thermostat to be set to a lower temperature and still be comfortable. Whole house humidifiers are connected to the household water. Compared to single room humidifiers that need to use expensive distilled water, the whole house humidifiers only increase the water bill by a few cents per month.

For heating contractors in Montgomery County, call Montgomery County Heating & Air to discuss the options for a whole house humidifier. It will make the air in the home much healthier and comfortable.

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