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Montgomery County Heating & Air Now Offering Whole House Humidifier Services This Fall 2013


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- Montgomery County Heating & Air is pleased to announce that they are now offering service plans for humidifiers and air cleaners. Humidifiers can be installed into the homes central heating system providing the perfect amount of humidity into every room in the home.

Cold weather is here and that means the heat is on and warming the home. This also means that the air in the home is dryer than normal and providing an uncomfortable environment for the family. Dry air can cause a host of problems including dry itchy skin, dry throat, coughing, and dry nose. Dry air also feels colder than humid air, so the dryer the air in the home, the higher the bottom line on the energy bill. An example of this is easily seen on a hot humid summer day. An 80-degree humid day feels much warmer than an 80-degree dry day. If the heated air in the home has humidity infused into it, it will naturally feel warmer. This means the thermostat can be set lower, the heating system has to work less, and the energy bill will be lower.

Montgomery County Heating & Air recommends getting all heating systems and whole house humidifiers serviced before the harsh cold weather arrives. This includes getting new air filters for both, as this will ensure cleaner air throughout the home. Good quality air filters will clean the dust, pollen, and allergens out of the air, making the air more pure and clean for the family to breath.

Contact Montgomery County Heating & Air for a free estimate. They can install a new whole house humidifier or service an existing one. They can also service the heating system for the home to ensure everything is in proper running order for the cold winter months ahead.

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