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Montgomery County Heating & Air Now Offers More Efficient Sources of Heat at Reasonable Prices


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- Homeowners today are looking for more affordable options, and any way possible to save on energy expenses. With more energy efficient units being one of the more popular items and appliances for homeowners to have installed, Montgomery County Heating & Air is now offering ground source heat pumps at the lowest prices available on the market. For those in need of heat pump service in Conshohocken or boiler service in King of Prussia, replacing old beaten down units will make for a more efficient one.

The increases in technology have provided great benefits in all sorts of industries, heating and air conditioning being one of them. The heating contractors of Montgomery County will be able to install a ground source heat pump and inform homeowners of what the process entails so there are no surprises. By extracting the heat from the ground outside, these new and advanced heating systems are able to deliver hot air into the home to produce a warm and comfortable environment. Even in some of the colder regions of the United States, owners are able to use ground source heat pumps. Instead of using any hot air outside, it extracts it from below the earth’s surface, both resulting in a warm home this winter season.

Why not tap into the earth for energy to heat the homes of Montgomery County residents. These systems are so advanced they compress the heat that is found in the ground and pipe it through the heating system and into the home. Some homeowners may have experienced coming home to a freezing cold house that was supposed to be warm, or the thermostat is cranked up, but no hot air seems to be produced. If this is the case, it may be time to replace the old heating system that is currently installed.

Homeowners should know there are many options when it comes to replacing their unit. They don’t have to get the same type of heater that is previously installed. The Montgomery County Heating & Air contractors know that the existing unit may not even be the right one for the home. They will be able to determine what unit will be the best fit by varying in multiple factors. Although, King of Prussia residents should consider ground source heat pump installation when looking for a more efficient heating unit that will save on one’s energy bill.

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