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Montreal Orthodontist Service Publishes New Editorial on Invisalign Treatment Option has created a new report for their website expounding the benefits of the new Invisalign treatment offered at the practice.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- Cosmetic dentistry is a field in which America has long led the world, but one in which Canada has matched every step of the way. The search for a beautiful smile is in many ways a selfless one as a smile is our introduction to the world, a disarming and honest expression of happiness and welcoming. As such, those who want to smile with confidence will go to many lengths to secure the perfect smile. While once these lengths included lengthy and painful procedures, invasive metal braces and more, Montreal Orthodontist Service offers a new Invisalign service that allows people to use a clear mouthguard to change their smile in as little as six months.

In a new editorial on their site, the Montreal Orthodontist Service introduces the Invisalign treatment in Montreal, which uses 3D scanning to calculate an accurate model both of the teeth as they are and how they could be, furnishing clients with a projection of the finished alignment before the process even begins.

Users then undertake to wear a series of molded mouthguards which are practically invisible and cover the teeth for several hours a day. These bring the teeth away from their natural setting and toward a perfect alignment. The service is available now for bookings.

A spokesperson for Montreal Orthodontist Service explained, “Invisalign is far less uncomfortable and disruptive than traditional braces, which can cause lesions and sores in the mouth together with a temporary lisp or other speech impediment while users adjust to them. Instead, people can now use minimally invasive and practically painless clear mouthguards to achieve the same result in even less time, with full alignment possible in just six months. The service is rapidly becoming the most popular of its kind anywhere in the world, and we offer the service at an unbeatable rate and from qualified professionals at our Montreal practice.”

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