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Montreal Sewage Maintenance Worker Peter Beck Has Close Encounter with Extremely Large Snake

While working in the Montreal sewers is obviously not a clean job, most people don't think of it as a particularly dangerous one. A recent shocking experience maintenance worker Peter Breck went through shows how wrong this assumption can be.


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- After 16 years of hard work in the Montreal sewers, worker Peter Beck had thought he saw everything. But a recent day's adventure opened his eyes that when you are in the sewer, it's best to stay aware of everything going on around you.

“One of the responsibilities of the team I work with is to clean up the very putrid fat that's all over the walls in our Montreal sewers,” commented Beck. “This comes from people throwing things down their toilet they shouldn't be. I found out the other day it's not just fat either!”

While doing his job cleaning, Beck didn't notice an intruder sliding up his pant leg. Finally, just as it got too close to a part of his body that's next to irreplaceable Beck felt it and sprung to action. Reaching in his pants with his, thankfully, gloved hand Beck pull out a HUGE snake. Likely just a second away from biting him. And left him with a story worth telling the world.

Beck remarked, “I've seen animals in the sewer before, but nothing like this. Now I know more than ever the Montreal sewer system is a place where it pays to pay attention and always expect the unexpected!”

Beck continues working everyday, doing his part for Montreal, the city he loves.

About Peter Beck
Peter Beck has served his community for four years as a sewer truck driver in cottage country Canada.

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