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Montreal wedding photographers at Peter K Photography are known for developing a unique style of wedding photography.


Montreal, Quebec -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Memories are built on moments, that special time that lasts a fraction of a second captured by a photograph. The special moments that occur happen when we pose for family portraits, celebrate an engagement, experience a wedding and many other wonderful occasions. Capturing the special moment means having an experienced, highly talented photographer who specializes in creating these memories with his skill, talent and eye for shooting the right photograph at the right time.

Peter K Photography is well renowned in Montreal for providing high quality photographic services for portraits, engagement celebrations, weddings and so much more. Headed by Peter Kalogeropoulos, his love of photography has developed out his desire at creating the perfect moment that can be shared by friends and family. Peter combines his artistic sense with a strong work ethic that results in providing some of the best photographic services in the region.

The specialties that Peter K Photography excels at are threefold, Portraits, Engagements and Weddings. Although it must be noted that Peter is well skilled at all types of photography and his services can be hired for other types of projects, his friendly demeanor, creative sense of photographic style and ability to work very well with individuals and groups makes him the perfect choice for weddings, engagements and family portraits where the memories will last a lifetime.

Peter K Photography can schedule portraits for individuals to large families. Instead of the traditionally staid studio portraits, Peter specializes in capturing natural moments with the family, often choosing beautiful outdoor locations that help augment that special moment and getting the best reactions from both children and parents.

The announcement of an engagement is a special time where love and the promise of a bright, happy future are at the beginning. Peter also uses a natural, relaxed approach in capturing these moments, a trip to a beautiful location such as a park or in nature itself to compliment the mood of a couple who have fallen in love. Peter can also take photos in a more traditional, formal setting as well. He strives to please those who want this moment to last forever.

Being an experienced Montreal wedding photographer means being understanding what is happening, being on your toes and knowing when to take photographs. Peter is simply one of the best when it comes to creating a wedding photo album that captures the first moment of the ceremony to the final goodbyes. He starts by working with his clients closely so he fully understands the order of events, the important moments to capture and who in particular beyond the bride and groom are very important to get on film.

Peter’s engaging personality, eye for detail and his remarkable work ethic combine into creating literally hundreds of photos for each wedding he works. From this immense amount of photographs, Peter helps you choose the best moments that will live in your memories and last for generations.

When you want a photographer to capture that special moment, it means you need a special photographer. Peter K Photography is one you should call when the special moments in our lives need to be captured in photographs.

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