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Moogento Announces New Magento Updates to Its pickPack and shipEasy Products


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- Moogento, a company that creates top-quality Magento extensions that help people customise Magento PDFs, their invoices, packing sheets and much more, has just announced a couple of upgrades to two of their most popular products.

For example, Moogento has just finished an update for pickPack, which now allows people to print Zebra labels directly from the Magento Orders Page. In addition, the shipEasy service also recently underwent a massive upgrade, and now features one-click order flags which are located in the Orders Page. For companies that are looking to streamline their order management and create custom pickslips while working to optimize Magento workflow, these new upgrades will allow them to do just that.

As company owner Jim Gilbert noted, pickPack helps business owners create attractive packing sheets and custom invoices that will make a visual impact on customers when they first open their package. People can add discount coupons and review reminders to the invoices, as well as information about product returns and exchanges. To help ensure that the order is packed correctly, pickPack users can add checkboxes, photos, shelving and warehouse info and quantity callouts that will assist the shipping staff when gathering up the items to be shipped.

The shipEasy feature, which can be used in conjunction with pickPack, can help save the people who use it hours of valuable time every day.

“Seriously, after a day of using shipEasy you'll wonder how you ever managed without it,” Gilbert said.

In addition to allowing people to process multiple shipments, including adding tracking numbers or uploading a CSV of the order number and tracking numbers, shipEasy lets people easily change the status of the order, cancel it if necessary, and send the customer a message or an email with pre-filled values like order number and product names.

“I developed this over the last year to meet an actual need in my own physical product store, and this has saved hours off every day,” Gilbert said.

“It's actually saved so much time that I didn't need as many staff as before - saving the cost of this extension in a few hours.”

Anybody who would like to learn more about Moogento is welcome to visit the user-friendly site; there, they can read about the Magento extensions and how they can simplify and streamline their business.

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