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Moonlight Curse: Debut Thriller from J.L. Wenning Shares Power of Protagonist's Special Ability

Boasting an unexpected twist that is throwing even the most seasoned of fiction fanatics, J.L. Wenning’s debut thriller novel is resonating with readers across the country.


Coldwater, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- For most authors, their debut release is an opportunity to test the literary waters. However, in the case of Ohio’s J.L. Wenning, his first foray into fiction is a hard-hitting and powerful thriller that is captivating the attention of fans everywhere.

With a totally unpredictable ending, ‘Moonlight Curse’ is proof that a first novel doesn’t have to be normal.


Benjamin’s family is on the verge of starvation until his father runs into something in the woods. That night, the light of the moon changes Benjamin forever.

Everything in his life comes together…and then falls completely apart as the powerful and mysterious Ryan tears Benjamin’s family away from him. Benjamin tries to pick up the shattered pieces of his life, learning more about the path he now walks.

As he sets out to get back at Ryan and hopefully save his sister, he wonders: is the moonlight that shines upon him a blessing…or a curse?

As the author explains, his novel takes the reader deeper than they could ever imagine.

“The unique thing about it is that it has unpredictable twist in the story. Your first impression is that it is a book about Werewolves but the deeper you get into the story the more you learn that it is about a battle with having a special ability,” says Wenning.

Continuing, “It's truly a novel that once you pick it up it's hard to put down.”

Since its release, the book has proven hugely popular readers. Spurring a growing list of book signings and public appearances, critics praise Wenning for his diligent efforts to publicize his book and meet fans in person.

However, with so much success on his hands, Wenning refuses to lose sight of what is really important.

“People crave a solid story; something that will keep them turning pages frantically and guessing to the very end. That is what I want to achieve with both this book and my upcoming releases,” he adds.

With future books in the works, fans are urged to keep their ears to the ground for any official announcements.

‘Moonlight Curse’, published by Gypsy Publications, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/TbJCfV

About the author, in his own words: J.L. Wenning
I'm from Coldwater, OH. I graduated from Celina Senior High School in 1993. I have two daughters and have been married since 1998. In my free time I coach softball, bowl and play horse shoes. I also volunteer for the local EMS.