Moorpark Dental Care Announces Availability of Fear Reduction Program

Programs are Aimed at Patients whose Fear of Dentistry Hinders their Ability to get Regular Dental Care


Moorpark, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 -- Moorpark Dental Care, a leading dental practice in Ventura County, has announced the availability of its Fear Reduction Program. These services are designed specifically for patients who struggle with fear and anxiety of dentistry. The program is carefully designed to provide patients with much needed dental care in a nurturing and safe environment. Possible approaches include nitrous oxide gas, expert administering of anesthetic through painless injections, and sedation.

“Fear of the dentist is a common problem, and it is a serious one,” says Dr. Zachary Potts, Dentist. “Dental health plays an important role in a patient’s overall health, but many patients are so afraid to seek dental care that they’ll ignore severe pain and swelling that could indicate a significant problem. Our Fear Reduction Program is designed for those patients who need dental care, but are experiencing nervousness, anxiety or fear over the idea of being in the dentist’s chair.”

The Fear Reduction Program includes the innovative Potts Sedation Dental Care approach, which involves simply taking a pill an hour before the patient’s appointment (for more information click on sedation dentist in Moorpark). The pill safely reduces the fear and fatigue associated with dental procedures, and most patients will have little or no memory of their dental appointment at all. The approach allows treatments that would typically involve numerous appointments to be conducted in a single visit, reducing the impact on the patient’s schedule, and minimizing the stress and anxiety associated with each visit.

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Moorpark Dental Care is made up of a dental team that welcomes each patient to their family, and is committed to providing exceptional "five-star service." In addition to ensuring a comfortable visit, providing renewed health and dramatically enhancing smiles, one of the main goals at Moorpark Dental Care is dispelling the misconception that visits to the dentist office are painful and unpleasant.