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Mopfrog of Brooklyn Launches New Website


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2016 -- Located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Mopfrog of Brooklyn, an eco-friendly cleaning service, has launched a new website and an accompanying blog for all those who are interested in starting off 2016 on the right foot.

In operation since 2013, the truly "green," family-owned and operated service provider, is inviting current customers and those seeking a new way to clean their homes and offices, to visit the company's new website. With its updated new design, it has never been easier for customers to contact Mopfrog of Brooklyn for a quick quote or a thorough explanation of the entire eco-friendly cleaning procedure, products used and the benefits of choosing to go "green." From its inception in the New York metropolitan area, Mopfrog of Brooklyn has been proud to offer only the most comprehensive, truly eco-friendly service and its responsive team is always happy to explain why their customers choose "green."

After booking an appointment, customers now have an opportunity to browse hundreds of articles on the website's newly designed blog. The blog posts serve as that coveted notebook that everyone's grandparents have: tips and tricks to truly healthy, eco-friendly, conscious ways of keeping homes and offices safe. The new Mopfrog of Brooklyn blog has the answer to such questions as what non-toxic, house-hold items are effective for a cleaner shower or how to prevent kids and pets from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals after a conventional cleaning.

With its existing customers always vouching for the superb level of service, Mopfrog of Brooklyn's highly trained, eco-friendly cleaning technicians come to their place of work, ready to make a difference. The teams are trained to always follow a residential cleaning checklist, which outlines every step that each member will take to ensure that its customers' homes are clean and ready to be enjoyed. Furthermore, Mopfrog of Brooklyn provides all cleaning supplies, solutions and equipment that will be used in the service. No paper products, harmful chemicals or allergens are used in the course of service. Privately-labeled Mopfrog cleaning products are hypoallergenic and plant-based, which means a clean home with no toxic residue or smells.

At Mopfrog of Brooklyn, the service is completely catered to customers' needs and requirements. The team creates a new plan for specific requests and works hand-in-hand with clients to create a welcoming environment for family and friends. Mopfrog of Brooklyn invites everyone to visit their new website and blog to learn more about the eco-friendly cleaning services offered throughout Brooklyn and surrounding areas. Make 2016 a truly "green" and healthy year.

About Mopfrog Brooklyn
Mopfrog Brooklyn is a locally-based franchise of the Mopfrog Company. Unlike other cleaning services in Brooklyn, their number one focus is on the health of clients' family, pets, and the environment. Mopfrog achieves its goal of being "green" by utilizing only eco-friendly cleaning products and tools.

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Company: Mopfrog Brooklyn
Address: 2940 Ocean Parkway, Suite 18R, Brooklyn, NY , 11235
Telephone: 347-474-7400