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More Hair Studio Hosts a Special Session for People Concerned About Thinning Hair


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- More Hair Studio will be hosting a special event on January 14, 2013 for anyone who has concerns about thinning hair. The discussion will include both how to care for the hair itself, and more general information about how hair can be an indicator of overall health.

When people experience hair thinning or loss, they often attempt to cope with the problem by using special hair products that promise more volume and bounce. While this can be a good way of addressing the visible part of the problem, it does nothing for the underlying cause. LaRetta Ann Taylor will be the hostess of a special evening event where she will teach participants about why “your hair can be a barometer of your well being” as well as how to use this information as a way of promoting greater health and vitality.

According to LaRetta Ann Taylor, the goal of the program is to teach women that they don’t need to “rely on hair products to give you what you should have naturally.” Therefore, she intends to discuss “information about hair loss and why it may be happening to you, along with important wisdom for promoting equilibrium.” Even for women who are not currently experiencing issues with hair loss, time will be devoted to hair growth and “the challenges of growing healthy hair.”

The program will run from 6:30 to 8:30 PM on January 14 at the More Hair Studio. The cost is $5, and it is open to anyone who wishes to attend. It is located at 623 W 34th St in Baltimore, MD. People with questions are welcome to email or call the studio for more information. The organizers also ask that people pass this information along to anyone they know who might be interested in more information about thinning hair.

LaRetta Ann Taylor is a native of New York who first became licensed as a cosmetologist there in 1987. She is now licensed by the state of Maryland as a senior cosmetologist. She is also a Certified Consultant for Sisterlocks and regularly lectures on topics related to the science of hair and how it grows, particularly with respect to providing appropriate natural care to the hair of people of African descent.

More Hair Studio is a natural hair salon serving the Baltimore, Maryland area. It specializes in techniques and products designed to give women of African descent great results through natural means rather than through the use of harsh chemicals. They use the Sisterlocks system to help women with tightly textured hair to be able to wear modern and popular hairstyles by taking advantage of their natural hair texture rather than trying to struggle against it. They also provide guidance, tools, and information on proper hair care to maintain the styles and keep them looking their best.