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More Hair Studio Offers Sisterlocks, a Natural Hair Care Management System

Sisterlocks Creates Small Cultivated Stylable Locks Without Chemicals or Additives


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- More Hair Studios provides Sisterlocks in their natural hair care services lineup for black hair. Sisterlocks is a trademarked technique used to make small cultivated locks using a natural hair care management system. Anyone wishing to have manageable, stylish hair naturally should consider getting Sisterlocks, LaRetta Ann Taylor of More Hair Studio declares.

"Sisterlocks eliminates the need for gels, relaxers and waxes so anyone can have the latest hairstyle without altering the hair's natural texture. The current relaxer doesn't have to be cut off before using this technique, making it the right choice for many," Ms. Taylor continues. "As the hair grows out, more styling options become available."

Sisterlocks allows for more hairstyles as your own natural hair is used. Braids, curls, bangs and parts are all possible when this technique is used and Sisterlocks can be removed if one finds they no longer meet styling needs. "Removing Sisterlocks is a tedious process, but thankfully most love them and would never go back to relaxers, extensions or dreadlocks," Ms. Taylor states.

Three visits are required to obtain Sisterlocks. During the first visit to the Baltimore studio, the certified Sisterlocks consultant assesses the hair to determine which technique to use as different hair types require different locking techniques to ensure the style lasts. The certified Sisterlocks consultant gathers information about the client's personal hair care history, styling preferences and more before test locks are done.

The second, and possibly third session, involves the locking of the hair and two sessions may be needed to reduce the amount of time the client has to sit. The final session typically occurs after two shampoos or sooner and involves the re-tightening of the locks. During this visit, the stylist monitors the integrity of the locks and tightens them before styling tips and future maintenance are discussed. "Our goal is to ensure clients understand how to care for their hair so it remains healthy at all times," Ms. Taylor declares. "This process can't be rushed."

Thinking about getting Sisterlocks but still have questions? Want to know what your options are or what to expect before, during and after the process? Attend the presentation "What Are Sisterlocks?" while at the Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo on March 23 & 24th being held at the Baltimore Convention Center. Come out and get your Sisterlocks questions answered to make an informed decision while enjoying the Expo. Attendees will receive authentic Sisterlocks Home Office information from Certified Sisterlocks Consultants. See what all the rave is about! Join the Movement!

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