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More Homeowners Selecting Spray Foam Insulation for Homes in Ohio with Help of Spray Foam Solutions


Dalton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- More and more, homeowners are choosing spray foam insulation and for a variety of good reasons. Spray foam insulation is a “spray-applied plastic” that forms continuous insulation when sprayed; which also provides an air-sealing barrier on walls, around corners, roofs and on all contoured surfaces.

Spray Foam Solutions provides quality foam insulation in Ohio. The  insulation contractors in Dalton OH  have perfected the art of foam insulation and offer this high-grade insulation to both commercial building and residential homeowners. The spray foam works great for both structures, providing superb benefits.

There are three types of spray foam insulation: high density, medium density and low density. Effective insulation is important for every home because without good insulation, energy bills increase, while the comfort level in a home decreases. Keep in mind, proper insulation can help people achieve energy goals and in most cases, will pay for itself in a timely manner by reducing energy bills.

Most importantly, spray foam insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways of insulating a home. It is also the easiest to install, compared to other insulating methods. It is important to note that blown-in insulation fills up all areas, while roll insulation leaves gaps in between where air can seep through. By covering all exposed areas, contractors can reduce noise, keep summer heat from coming in and keep warm air inside during the winter months.

In addition, spray foam insulation also is effective as an insect repellent and as a fire retardant. Also, when contractors combine blown-in insulation with a foam sealant, they can reduce the airflow in an attic, which increases a home’s insulating effectiveness even more.

For those who care for the environment, this kind of insulation works quite well because the materials that go into making this product come from recycled materials.

Additional benefits are—makes a home more comfortable, reduces external noise, improves the efficiency of a home all year long, fills in small cracks and crevices and provides quality insulation that is cost effective.

Most importantly, spray foam insulation can also reduce the humidity in a home, as well as prevent the growth of mold. With other types of insulation, there are gaps and cracks in between the insulation and this allows the humidity levels in your home to stay high. High humidity levels can cause mold to grow and that can lead to wood rot and eventually damage a home. High humidity levels can also cause health issues for the residents.

Totally change the structural soundness and protection of a home and building with spray foam insulation.  Spray Foam Solutions  guarantees a quality product every time, which will provide all of the benefits listed above. The team at Spray Foam Solutions doesn’t compromise on anything during the development or installation process. Nothing is overlooked, so homeowners and commercial building owners receive everything they need from insulation.

About Spray Foam Solutions
Spray Foam Solutions is a foam insulation provider in Ohio and W. Pennsylvania for both commercial and residential needs. The team of insulation contractors develops superior foam insulation that is optimal for any structure and offers greater benefits than any other insulation. No compromise, no shortcuts – Spray Foam Solutions provides high quality service and foam insulation every time.

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