More People Choosing to Store Their Cash and Valuables Emphasizes the Importance of Insurance-Rated Safes


Manchester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2016 -- A recent report in the Wall Street Journal has drawn attention to what are being called 'the new cash hoarders'; increasing numbers of people choosing to store assets at home, rather than other options such as banks. This could appear to be the case in the UK, where there has been greater interest on installing domestic safes and what is crucial, in order to support this, is ensuring that all internal security solutions fit personal and insurance company requirements.

Opting for a domestic safe is therefore being seen as increasingly responsible decision as a homeowner; as providing that extra security as well as a fixed location for assets. It is also a worthwhile investment. However, complying with the requirements of insurance companies is key to the effective use of a safe, and there are some important factors to consider.

The majority of providers will want to know the worth of the assets being stored, to ensure that it does not exceed the uppermost limit of the home insurance policy. Some policies may provide coverage for cash value beyond the rating of the safe; and thus what is important is seeking a safe provider fully proficient in how to align product selection with insurer's requirements.

Associated Security is a prime example of safe provider and installer, with domestic as well as commercial options available. A spokesperson had this to say:

"Buying a safe from a reputable company who can install it in-line with insurer's requirements is essential. That is why we offer a fully professional and well-researched service. For example, many insurers state that safes need to be 'professionally' installed– and this is what you will receive if you order your safe with Associated Security."

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