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More People Moving from London Stay in the South: Top Removals Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- Moving from and around London is becoming an increasing occurrence in light of rising rent and property prices, and the need to be in an economically viable area without enormous overhead costs. Many people are choosing to move from the city itself to areas of a commutable distance – with the majority of those that do still saying in the South. According to recent statistics released by Homelet, of those who leave the capital, 50.3% stay in the South East. This means that the so-called 'commuter-belt' is continuing to grow, with many people still continuing to work in the city from an external location.

Reasons for moving from London area numerous, though common examples include the expense and want for a family life. Desirable qualities aspired to outside the capital include the possibility of a larger property at a lesser cost and also the potential of a more peaceful environment.

About Top Removals
Top Removals are a London removal specialist, with a number of years experience in the field. They have expertise in moving people's belongings to and from the capital, ensuring a secure service every time. They are also frequent commentators in industry news and were quick to reflect upon the latest figures.

"Moving from London to surrounding areas can be a way of opening up new opportunities, whilst still keeping the benefits of the capital close" a spokesperson said "Though ultimately, wherever your move, it is an event of new prospects and potentials for you –this should be celebrated. Our service is proud to have helped people relocate the length and breadth of the country, and also inter-nationality. We appreciate that London can seem especially busy and that is why we have a service which is especially accustomed to the area. If you want to move to or from London for reasons of efficiency, it makes sense to have a removal firm who can add to that experience in a positive way – no matter how small or big the journey."

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