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More Professionals Explore Project Management Masters Degree Via ProjectManagementDegreeGuides.org


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2012 -- As more people with experience in various industries desire to advance their careers, many are exploring ProjectManagementDegreeGuides.org to learn about options for obtaining a project management masters degree. The resource website explores schools and programs that provide a masters project management degree.

Every new system, product or process starts as a project within a company, institution or organization. Many companies and industries are constantly looking for people with the experience and the degree that shows they have what it takes to oversee and integrate complex projects, motivate people and achieve cost-effective results. Thousands of professionals are learning about their options for obtaining a masters of project management degree as the best way to fast track their career goals via information at ProjectManagementDegreeGuides.org. “Every industry and company is constantly on the lookout for project managers to keep the company growing and evolving, so our website has become a popular learning destination for people who see a project management masters degree as the catalyst for achieving their career goals,” said the resource guide’s project management education specialist.

The website provides information about the masters of project management degree programs, schools, curriculums and career outlook. There are dozens of fields that require project managers and they include software project managers in IT and software development, construction project managers, business information project managers and healthcare information technology project managers. “The thing that every project manager must have in common is that each of them must be highly knowledgeable in scheduling, budgeting and other resources essential to steer a complex project from planning through completion,” said the Website’s education specialist.

In addition to education, experience is a must when moving into any management position, including project management. Because advanced degree holders are in such high demand across numerous industries, many companies offer opportunities to students to visit and work on job sites. These students are learning that the more experience one has as a project manager, the more opportunities become available, the more salary is offered and the more options for advancement are available. Other factors such as location and employer also influence pay.

However, the average annual salary for everyone from assistant to senior project manager can be far above the national average for those with a project management masters degree. For more information, please visit http://www.projectmanagementdegreeguides.org/masters-in-project-management/

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