More Reverse Phone Lookups Under $5 Get Top Ratings


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- For the fifth month in a row the reviews site, has chosen two sub $5 dollar reverse phone lookup services on its “top three list” of services. Gone are the high cost services which provided many inaccurate lookups that ultimately lead to thousands of  unhappy customers. In came three newer but better run and established services which were consistently rated as the best reverse phone lookup services by its customers in terms of accuracy, value for the money, ease of use and customer service. Therefore, as a result of the high ratings by customers, BestReversePhoneLookupReviews.Com has continued to rate, two of  the lowest cost services in its monthly top 3 ranking newsletter. One reverse lookup service rated  number 1 costs only 79 cents and the one ranked third only costs $4.99. For a complete review of the differences of each site and how the ranking was determined please visit  by clicking the following link

The reverse phone lookup industry has gone through a metamorphoses of sorts, since the free reverse phone lookup was discontinued by major search engines in late 2010. After this unfortunate event for consumers, the industry was first deluged with new entrants, trying to take advantage of the huge void and  online demand for people lookup data services. Unfortunately these new entrants provided a low quality service for a high price and eventually rejected by more and more consumers consequently attributing the reverse phone lookup industry as an industry wrought with scams.  This perception however, began to change, as more firms realized better and cheaper data collections techniques and more third party data research firms began to mine the data more cheaply. As a result, the reverse phone industry began to experience a resurgence in higher quality data and lower pricing in late 2011.

Consumers have spoken too. As mentioned before, more consumers became frustrated with the low quality data and as a result, they began to reject the reverse phone services, thus the reason for monthly declines in reverse phone lookup keyword searches in major search engines during first nine of the 12 months in  2011. This demand for better more accurate data came at the price of high costing services in late 2011. However, as firms began to strive for more accurate data and lower prices in order attract more business, BestReversePhoneLookupReviews.Com began to take notice and began to review these services, for a combination of price, data quality and customer quality.  The result of these combined reviews of industry experts and consumer feedback became the website’s  top three ranked firms which it publishes on a monthly basis. And for the fifth straight month, the website has picked 2 reverse phone lookup services that charge less than $5 per search, one charges 79 cents and the other charges $4.99, in its top 3 monthly ranks.

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The website reviews and rates the top 3 reverse cell phone lookup services with the help of hundreds of customer reviews and its 5 member phone industry panel. It ratings combine the star ratings given by customers and overall ratings by its industry panel. It publishes a monthly ranking update at the beginning of each month for its websites visitors.

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