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More Smokers Switching to E Cigarettes to Avoid the 12,000 Harmful Chemicals in Tobacco


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2012 -- Over the years, hundreds of thousands of studies have proven the harmful effects the more than 12,000 chemicals produced by tobacco cigarettes can have on a person, including heart disease, chronic lung disease, numerous cancers and even death.

In an effort to avoid many of the toxins released by traditional tobacco cigarettes, a large number of smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes, or e cigarettes.

But considering the multitude of varied reviews and brands of electric cigarettes currently in the news and online, it can be difficult to know which type is best suited for each person.

Featuring a wide range of information about the electronic cigarette and e smoking, many people are visiting http://die-e-zigarette.com/ for help understanding the differences between the types of e cigarettes currently available and the benefits each offer. Quickly growing in popularity, Die-E-Zigarette.com is the largest German portal providing newbies with a collection of e cigarette studies and guides on the latest e smoking products. On the site, e smokers will also find information concerning the latest legal decisions being made by Germany regarding the e cigarette industry.

Electronic cigarettes vary from traditional cigarettes in that they do not burn tobacco, and therefore do not release smoke. Instead, they work using a rechargeable battery, atomizer, or vaporizer, water and e liquids.

According to http://die-e-zigarette.com/e-liquid/, e liquids are available in more than 200 flavors, from mocha and lemon to tobacco, and can contain different amounts of nicotine depending on an e smoker’s preference.

When an e smoker takes a drag on the e cigarette, a sensor detects the flow of air and activates the atomizer, which converts the water and e liquid to vapor. This vapor is what an e smoker inhales. Preliminary research has shown this serves as a healthier means of taking in nicotine than traditional tobacco cigarettes not only for the e smoker, but also for the people and things around them.

As http://die-e-zigarette.com/ states, “Because e smokers are not inhaling and exhaling tobacco smoke, this eliminates the harmful effects caused by second-hand smoke and also is cleaner for the environment.”

Site visitors can also learn about the variety of electronic cigarettes available on the market, including a comprehensive overview of e cigarettes utilizing tank systems, such as the eGo-T. To read about this topic, visit http://die-e-zigarette.com/ego-t/.

For more information about the latest e cigarette news and products, visit http://die-e-zigarette.com/

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Founded in 2010, Die-E-Zigarette.com has grown into the largest German information portal about the electronic cigarette and e smoking. It offers a collection of studies surrounding the e-cigarette and guides for newbies. Also as the legal position in Germany is not yet secured, the site provides e smokers with news about the latest decisions.