More Than a Quarter of Car Accidents Are Caused by Cell Phones Warns enviCAR


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- enviCar, the company behind the popular Car Mount, Cell Phone Holder that is available on Amazon for $19.97, has launched an important campaign. The campaign is to make people aware of how dangerous using a mobile while driving can be.

Road safety campaigners have for a number of years warned drivers are risking their lives by talking on a mobile phone while driving or not having it secured when using the cell phone's GPS application. enviCar is backing up that campaign and to help reduce the death toll they have launched their Car Mount Cell Phone Holder that keeps the phone secured while the vehicle is moving.

The National Safety Council reported that 1.2 million vehicle collisions in 2013 were as a direct result of the use of a cell phone. With another report claiming 9 people a day die through not having their cell phone secured, enviCar knew action had to be taken.

These deaths are caused through distracted driving, where some people have the cell phone on their lap while using the GPS system, and other people are texting while driving or talking on the phone.

The enviCar Car Mount Cell Phone Holder allows a person to have their phone properly secured in the car instead of having it resting on their lap. By having the phone secured with the enviCar cell phone holder, the driver can use the GPS system in a safe manner.

The Car Mount Cell Phone Holder can be used with all smart phones, which means drivers can reduce the number of accidents that occur on the roads by buying the product and driving in a safe manner.

A spokesman for enviCar said: "Even one death is one too many. We hope with the introduction of our Car Mount Cell Phone Holder, we can help reduce the number of deaths that are caused through the use of a cell phone while driving."

As a result of the quality of the product, and the benefits to a vehicle driver, it has become one of the most popular road safety products on Amazon (

Product reviewers and consumers have said for $19.97 it is a small price to pay to avoid serious accidents, which could become fatal.

To learn more about the product, and how it can help to reduce the number of accidents on the road, please visit

About Car Mount - Cell Phone Holder by enviCAR
Car Mount - Cell Phone Holder by enviCAR is a new product that helps to keep a cell phone secure in a vehicle while driving. The product is available for all smartphones.