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More Than Half of Motorists Can't Change a Wheel, New Study Shows: Fair Rent Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- Recent statistics have drawn attention to the situation that many UK drivers struggle to make important maintenance repairs and changes to their car. According to research carried out by Leasing Options, involving 1,000 drivers, many admitted to feeling incapable of DIY repairs, instead preferring to opt for a professional.

This emphasizes that a need for quality auto providers is perhaps higher than ever, as greater proportions of the public expect a high maintenance level as standard, rather than something they have to do themselves. It also highlights the modern changing relationship between people and their cars – with more people wanting everything sorted all in one service – something industry experts such as Fair Rent were keen to comment on.

The figure that 55% of respondents admitted to being unable to change a wheel, could be considered shocking by some. Yet what it is important to appreciate is that this is part of an age where automotives are expected to cater to the customer, not the other way round. Part of this is delivered through complete car rental services, which offer fully-maintained models and accessible prices. Fair Rent is one such example and a spokesperson had this to say:

"The statistics clearly show that people are perhaps less familiar with the technical logistics of their car. After all, in the busy modern-day it is not unreasonable for people to expect quality vehicles which do not let them down – provided fully-maintained and with a source of support. Here at Fair Rent that is the kind of service we offer, catering to modern conveniences."

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