More TV Viewers Unplug Their Satellite Dish in Favor of Cable and Web Based Plans


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- When cable originally made its debut it really came to the rescue for a lot viewers who were tired of bearing witness to the free-fall of standard TV. Programming that had become downright awful and that was only getting worse. So those who could afford it were quick to sign on.

For several years folks were just happy to have the number of channels cable offered but then they began to realize a few things. One of them that began to make itself apparent was that with lack of competition cable was falling into the same rut that standard TV had been in over the years prior to cable’s introduction.

So now it's official and that is that over the course of the previous year over 1 million TV viewers have cut their cable in favor of signing up for a web-based programming option.

It's going to get even worse too for cable programmers because it's projected that by the time 2012 is through another 2.5 million viewers will have followed suit.

Consumer surveys are turning up a host of reasons that TV viewers are giving for making the switch and the first one is cost. That in spite of cable TV programmers’ insistence that they have been working to bring down subscription costs, for some it isn't happening fast enough.

Too many viewers feel that they're simply reshuffling the deck and presenting the same options at the same price even if they are arranged a little differently.

It turns out to not be the case because surveys have shown that cable costs are falling in real terms. Then there is the ever present reliability issue that has dogged satellite TV viewers from the very beginning. The holy grail turns out to be completely underrepresented TV programming no matter what's going on outside or standing in the way, and cable and web-based programmers are now positioned the closest to it.

Then there is the programming exclusivity issue that is always been able to keep cable and satellite viewers faithfully paying their bills, even if they did so with their fair share of grumbles.

Programming like MTV that can be found nowhere else, and some of it like MTV turned out to be quite addictive for those who have a taste for that genre of entertainment.

But as time progresses increasingly more of these types of exclusive programming is coming available on web-based options but not near enough.

Plus for those who have been looking to finally ditch their satellite dish, switching to cable and web-based programming finally allows them to climb up the ladder and do it. Cable TV In Indiana provides outstanding service for individuals looking to get connected in the digital age with minimal equipment.

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