Strong Men Overcoming Through Hard-work

Charter Chapters Now Forming for Strong Men Overcoming Obstacles Through Hard-work


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2012 -- The 2010 and 2011 best male organization of the year, Strong Men Overcoming Through Hard-work is now accepting applications for charter membership. SMOOTH is a male mentoring and enrichment organization founded on the campus of Morgan State University. The charter chapters will showcase the need and importance of providing male students with a sense of structure and stability as they transition into campus life. The overall goal is to make an impact that will carry over into all aspects of life, and provide the necessary foundation needed to lead successful and rewarding careers.

In addition, the core objective is to give all males a place to grow during their tenure at school, while increasing undergraduate male representation on campus and providing the effort, time, wisdom, knowledge, encouragement, and insight in an effort to better serve the community in which they reside.

The announcement comes to Morgan State University and other HBCU campuses after months of speculation and anticipation that the formation would occur. The new charter chapters of SMOOTH will be made available for application to other institutions beginning March 29th and continuing to April 16th.

Hakeem Hooker, the organizations current president, sees the opportunity for fellow HBCU campuses to organize a SMOOTH Charter Chapter as a catalyst to unify young African American men across the nation, and to lead to similar solidarity once they leave the college environment. The key is to build the character, confidence, and dependability that will ultimately lead to more shift in priorities for the betterment of us all.

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