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Morris Anderson Law Takes Up Arms Against Malpractice in Latest Website Addition

Morris Anderson Law has redesigned their award-winning website and now host regular Q & A sessions and share informative content on legal issues.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Medical malpractice cases are those in which medical staff cause preventable harm to patients as a result of negligence, belligerence or incompetence. While one would not normally describe a doctor as negligent, belligerent or incompetent, the pressure put on doctors by the medical profession means that they are almost always operating at less than 100% and make errors which can cost lives. Morris Anderson Law, whose logo is one of rams clashing head to head, is a law firm that is not afraid to take on the big fights and has most recently published a damning exposé that reveals malpractice figures to be startlingly higher than first estimated back in 1999.

While their September report suggested more than 100,000 deaths a year were caused by malpractice and covered up in a culture of denial, new sources suggest the figure is over 400,000 thousand and could be more than half a million. The idea that doctors mistakes kill 500,000 every year is terrifying, and they draw the parallel that three jumbo jets would have to crash and kill a full load of passengers every day to match that number.

The article is part of their new website in which individuals can ask anonymously for legal advice in terms of how to proceed in complex situations in which they feel they may be owed compensation. It appears certain that with as many as 400,000 preventable deaths a year being swept under the carpet that there are many more compensation cases out there.

A spokesperson for Morris Anderson Law explained, “As lawyers we study our sources carefully and do our due diligence, but even we had to scrutinize the data over and over again when we were first confronted by it. The figures are staggering and represent an injustice that must be righted. Morris Anderson Law regularly fights and wins against much bigger opponents on the institutional level and we are ready to do so for anyone who has been hurt.”

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