Mortgage Declined Because of Japanese Knotweed? Help Is on-Hand from the Nation's Leading Experts


Cobham, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2016 -- If you've just had a survey or home buyers report returned and learnt that your property has Japanese knotweed, then you need to enlist the help of a specialist Japanese knotweed removal company such as Environet UK Ltd.

The first time many homeowners learn of the existence of Japanese knotweed is when it is discovered during a property survey or home buyers report. The presence of Japanese knotweed on a property is serious as many mortgage providers will not lend against the property without a Japanese knotweed mortgage management plan in place.

During the summer months, Japanese knotweed grows extremely aggressively, often towering over other shrubs, suppressing growth. In late autumn the over-ground plant structure begins to die back, leaving behind brittle, brown and inert cane over winter. The root rhizome continues to remain underground and in early spring the following year, the plant will resurge with fresh growth.

The reason that this perennial has created such a storm in the mortgage market is down to the aggressive growth of the plant together with the damage it can cause. It has been known to damage driveways and paths causing widespread disruption to homes and commercial properties. Expert advice is needed for the removal or treatment of this plant in order to permanently remove it.

"If you find Japanese knotweed on a property you are purchasing and your mortgage lender has expressed concerns or even declined your mortgage, you can take action to setup a Japanese knotweed management plan with a specialist provider such as Environet UK Ltd", commented Nicolas Seal.

Conversely, if you are selling your property and need to remove the knotweed prior to a sale, you will often need to provide evidence of total eradication together with evidence of an insurance backed guarantee from the company who removed the knotweed.

Mr. Seal concluded, "The first step is to seek expert help from a Japanese knotweed removal consultant. There are many different treatments to permanently kill the plant, or to remove it all-together with the root systems. Avoid DIY removal treatments as these won't work with your Japanese knotweed mortgage lender."

About Environet
Environet has been established since 1996 and leads the fight against Japanese knotweed in the UK. They have successfully removed Japanese Knotweed from thousands of commercial and residential sites throughout the UK.

More information about Japanese knotweed mortgages visit the website at http://www.environetuk.com/Japanese-Knotweed-Frequently-Asked-Questions/Mortgage-Refused-Due-To-Japanese-Knotweed