Faith Brashear

Mortgage Banking Practices Exposed in "Defrauded Nations"


Riverside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2013 -- A new book by an industry professional is demonstrating how years after the initial mortgage crisis the full scope of the damage, and the perpetuation of illegal practices behind it, continue to affect the economy and threaten home-ownership. "Defrauded Nations" by Faith Brashear, now available on Amazon, describes how a number of banks have hidden their manipulative practices and used government agencies, typically unwitting in their participation, to help keep the banks' secrets and allow them to continue their practices.

In working for various agencies, including the FDIC, Faith Brashear discovered that most government agencies weren't aware of how deeply these frauds ran, precipitating the fallout she expects to see and discusses in her book on mortgage banking, "Defrauded Nations". Some government agencies are being used by banks as tools, she asserts.

She says about the mortgage loan practices both before and after the mortgage banking crisis, "I knew 7 years ago that these loans would crash. I knew 5 years ago they were illegal. I knew 3 years ago they were used to perpetuate further fraud by how they were pooled together with other predatory loans and offered out to investors under a rigged Libor index to control the payout to investors."

She goes on to say about government agencies and their involvement, "They did not fully understand the extent they were being used for the underlying purpose of these loans. RICO is coming on a Federal Level once they announce the rigging of the ISDAfix index. The index that controls the value of our world’s money. The 2012 3mil $100 bill circulation release was the largest influx of currency value in history to help cover it up."

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About Faith Brashear
Faith Brashear is a volunteer to the US Government on matters pertaining to mortgage banking. She worked for many years as a mortgage broker.

Faith Brashear